Telecommunications Consulting

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Advanced Telecom Solutions telecom consulting services can be customized to meet your needs ranging from a turnkey solution to offering sound advice.  Our telecommunications consulting covers a wide range of voice and data services including:

Strategic Sourcing 

Your telecom network is more than a line item on your P&L statement, it’s an asset that should be leveraged to increase business efficiencies and improve your customer’s experience.  To get the most out of your investment, you need to ensure that you are acquiring the right amount of the right technology under the most favorable pricing and terms possible.  

Negotiation & Evaluations 

Price alone does not make a great contract; in many cases misleading business terms can quickly erode the pricing concessions you worked so hard to secure.  In other cases, one-sided language can place a disproportionate amount of liability on you or even hold your business hostage to unfavorable renewals.  Telecom services are unique and negotiating a favorable contracts can be a daunting task for many companies who typically negotiate less than 20 telecom agreements per year, as opposed to the your providers who negotiate thousands.  Virtually all companies must start their negotiations with the unfavorable terms contained in the provider agreements and hidden deep within their Service Guides.  You can still achieve a best in class agreement if you understand the Carriers play book, prioritize your needs and minimize their leverage points. 

Vendor Management

Developing a strategic partner takes a significant amount of time and effort but in the end, it’s your best way to ensure that your providers are looking for ways to earn your business every day. Sometimes it’s difficult to develop these partnerships due to a variety of reasons but none the less, they still need to perform per contract and address any issues in a timely manner.  Advanced Telecom Solutions can tactfully get your providers to live up to their obligations without jeopardizing any personal or professional relationships.


IP has revolutionized the telecom industry resulting in a wide range of solutions and providers to choose from.  Advanced Telecom Solutions understands these technologies, old and new, and can quickly narrow the field and walk you through the pros and cons for the most advantages solutions so you can make an informed choice.  Wireline or wireless, local, data, broadband, LD or virtual services, we can help you get the most value and functionality from your network.

Traffic Engineering

The way you communicate with your employees, customers and providers is rapidly changing as technology and business environments continue to evolve.  If you don’t have enough lines or trunks you will hear complaints, but the only way to determine if you have too many, is to have a study ran on your hourly call volume.

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